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The Myth of Data Remanence

08 Apr 2013 in Security

Data Remanence, n. The residual representation of data that remains even after attempts have been made to remove or erase the data.

Running a Minecraft Server from a RAM Disk

31 Aug 2011 in How-to

RAM is fast. Very fast. Very, very fast. If you were to think of your hard drive as a Ferrari, your RAM would be a tachyon – a theoretical particle that moves faster than the speed of light!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

30 Aug 2011 in Games

I’d played and loved the original Deus Ex. Had bought Invisible War (the sequel), but only logged a couple hours before another game was released, and never got back to it; oh well, everyone says it sucks in comparison to the original.

Dynamic DNS with Linode and CloudFlare

30 Aug 2011 (Updated 31 Jul 2019) in How-to

Linode is a great provider of Linux-based VPS – this site is running from one right now, in fact! To help support it, and for a tad of extra security, I also use the free CloudFlare service, which provides a security-centric CDN aimed at protecting your site from bots.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Times Out on First Connection Attempt?

28 Jun 2011 in How-to

A bizarre issue solved today:

Move an SVN Repository From One Server to Another

13 Jun 2011 in How-to

There’s certainly no shortage of sites offering quick instructions to move your SVN repository from one server to another. About 3.3 million (at the time of this writing) of them, it seems. So why do I have to make it 3.3 million and 1?

World IPv6 Day

08 Jun 2011 in Tech

It’s today. And while this blog is by no means a major player on the internet stage, it is nonetheless on native IPv6, thanks to, my host.

Name-Based Virtual Hosts With nginx on IPv6

07 Jun 2011 in How-to has recently added native IPv6 support to many of its data centers. Linode hosts the VPS that runs this blog, and it happens to reside in their Dallas data center. I was busy planning my wedding when IPv6 support reached me here, so I only got around to enabling it this week.

This is the Proper Response to a Breach

25 May 2011 in Security

This is quite dated now, but I just now stumbled upon the announcement of the breach of the Apache Software Foundation’s servers last April. While certainly an unfortunate event that could have been limited or even prevented by proper (and properly enforced) security procedures, their post-incident report should be a model to all for disclosure of such breaches, especially the inclusion of the details of how access was obtained, complete with candid admissions of where their own policies and security were lax enough to allow the attackers to gain further access.

Changing an Exchange User Mailbox to a Resource

24 May 2011 in How-to

Creating a resource mailbox in Exchange Server is easy. And it can make managing your organization’s resources – conference rooms, projectors, etc. – real easy, especially in avoiding double-booking.