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Creating a DAG in Exchange 2013 on Server 2012 R2

06 Aug 2014 in How-to

If you try and create a Database Availability Group using the EAC – and hope to use that new-fangled feature of creating one without an IP address – you will fail, and neither Microsoft’s documentation nor any of the myriad TechNet blogs will help you one whit.

Install Dropbox on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS

09 Mar 2014 in How-to

I love Dropbox. I’ve previously posted about how it can be used to help back up your files. But what about backing up Dropbox itself?

Help! My cron jobs aren't running!

06 Mar 2014 in Tech

Ugh. I can’t count how many times this one’s bit me, and frustratingly kept my cron scripts from running – always without error, or notice, or even warning, no matter how many logs I scour!

When Git Bites Back

17 Jan 2014 in Tech

I love Git. Before I discovered version control, I lived a dangerous cowboy-coder life, and I loved that. But then I was introduced to Subversion, and I saw that this was better. Then, I met Git, and saw that is was better still – best, even!

Remember Me

31 Dec 2013 in Reviews

Short version: Remember Me is a fun game that tells an incredibly compelling story. It has its drawbacks, but overall it easily earns 4/5 from me – do yourself a favor, buy this game!

Backing up your stories with Scrivener and Dropbox

02 Nov 2013 in How-to

As I have for the last six years (with one exception owing to being in India for the month), this year I am doing NaNoWriMo. The short version? I’m writing a 50,000-word novel in the 30 days of November.

Using Shorewall to configure a Tor isolating proxy

17 Oct 2013 in How-to

Tor is great for browsing the internet anonymously. But, it’s not perfect – rogue software on your machine can compromise your identity and reveal who you are by simply sending its own network traffic. If you can isolate your machine, however, and guarantee that all network traffic goes through Tor, you greatly improve your odds of maintaining your anonymity online.

Randomness in Gaming

12 Oct 2013 in Games

In my experience, there are two schools of thought when it comes to an element of random chance in strategy games: 1) It’s good. 2) It’s bad.

XCOM: This is why we send the rookie first

09 Oct 2013 in Games

This is a post I first wrote on a forum almost a full year ago, about a particularly exciting recent mission in the stellar game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I’ve just recently come across it again and have decided to share it with a wider audience. Enjoy!

Plugged in, not charging?

26 Jun 2013 in How-to

Weird issue. Tonight I noticed that, despite having plugged it in quite a while ago, the little system tray indicator still suggested I had very low battery charge remaining. Hovering over it revealed something even more troubling: