World IPv6 Day

It’s today. And while this blog is by no means a major player on the internet stage, it is nonetheless on native IPv6, thanks to, my host.

So, are you on IPv6 yet? Will you be ready when it comes time to finally make the switch?

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4 Responses to World IPv6 Day

  1. lanky says:

    I’m posting thins to your IPv6 domain, had to shell into Dreamhost to do it since I don’t have native IPv6 on my own computer at home.

    • Kromey says:

      I signed up with Hurricane Electric a while ago, with the intent of using a tunnel for this site and a tunnel for home, but I quickly realized at the time that I didn’t know enough about IPv6 to do anything with it! Now, though, I should set up that tunnel at home so that I can use my own IPv6 site…

  2. TJ Evans says:

    Any progress on your IPv6 usability?

    At this point, World IPv6 Launch behind us and ARIN’s ongoing IPv4 depletion, you just might have native IPv6 at home … ?

    • Kromey says:

      Sadly, my ISP still has not made even a half-hearted effort to switch over to IPv6, so I’m still stuck in the dark ages of IPv4 at home. 🙁

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