This is Intolerable

I normally won’t be getting political on this blog, but I came across this story and was absolutely floored. Whether or not you support gay marriage, you have to agree that the blatant disregard for due process, existing legal statuses and rights, and simple human decency is frankly appalling! The actions Sonoma County undertook here have no justification, and the end result was an old man who’d lived an amazing life was forced to spend his final months in forced isolation while all his material possessions – keepsakes collected throughout his life – were stripped away and sold off for mere pittances. Meanwhile his partner was forced into a care facility and held there against his will, denied the right to be there for his loved one’s final moments.

What justification could there possibly be for this atrocity??

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  1. Jonathan Sawyer says:

    I just read the article noted above. While I may not be for Gay marriage, (as I believe marriage is, first off, a religious institution) I am not against Gay people or their co-habitation as it is a constitutional right.

    That said, I am in full agreement with Mr. Veazey here. It’s a shame that we treat our old folk like little children with no wishes or wants, and especially with ill regard for their legal precedent in their wills, etc. On top of this, it seems there is no longer any right for old folks to own property, as they can be garnished at will.

    But equally depressing, though, was the disregard for Harold’s final days while Clay and Harold were kept apart. This is indeed a terrible thing. There is nothing wrong with having love for another human being, even if that love is connected with sexual attraction.

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