India – Poovar, random thoughts

I spent the weekend in a town called Poovar. Well, to be more specific, I spent it at a beach resort in Poovar called Isola Di Cocco. I highly recommend the place – great locale, awesome food, superb service all around, and even outdoor bathrooms in each room! And for you budget travelers – my entire weekend, including meals, cost less than US$65 – I’ve stayed in much lesser hotels in the US for twice that, food not included!

I also discovered that when I have an alarm set to wake me up, I sleep a lot better. Makes sense – without an alarm, I’m checking the time every time I wake up; with one, I just roll over and fall back asleep. I found Nini’s watch (she had forgotten the thing even existed!) in the small duffel bag I used when I went to Isla Di Cocco. I’ve now got it on my bedside table, with the alarm set to wake me up in the morning. Next time I travel, if I forget to pack a travel clock I’m buying one at the first airport I reach!

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  1. Nini says:

    You could have used your cell phone as an alarm 😛

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