India or Bust!

So, I’m going to India. When? Dunno – 3 or 4 weeks, maybe 5. How long? Dunno – 2 weeks? Maybe as much as 4. Why?

Because the company I work for is expanding into the Indian market. We’ve got a potential client, but to give them the best we can we’re working with an Indian development company to branch and then customize our product for them. It’s a great opportunity to expand and grow our product and our company.

I’ll be heading over there to train the developers on our code base and our development practices. Should be fun.

I’ll be in Trivandrum, for those who are curious.

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2 Responses to India or Bust!

  1. Rob Packer says:

    Wow, going/went to India!? Nice! So, is Rogers finding new markets?

    • Kromey says:

      Yeah, apparently there’s a client in India big enough to warrant branching the software and creating a custom version specifically for them, with contractual obligations that we’ll never sell that version to anyone else. Ever.

      Trip’s still sometime in the future, no dates yet. Also, good to hear from you!

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